More Heifers

Sexed genetics give you the opportunity to produce more heifers as replacements for your future herd, allowing you to grow from within.

By using sexed genetics, you know your herd replacements are coming from within your own herd, taking out the uncertainty of buying from an external source.


Superior fertility

Utilizing ABS Global's Real World Data® index, we compared relative conception rates between semen sexed using old technology to Sexcel™. Results show Sexcel has a 90% relative conception rate.


Increased genetic value

ABS is committed to using the best available sires for Sexcel. By selecting your best heifers and pairing them with Sexcel, you can fast forward your genetic progress in your herd.


More milk

Increasing the number of female calves born into your herd means an increase in volume of milk production.


Even more benefits

Females calves can lead to a significantly reduced risk of difficult calvings.


New technology

ABS has been developing the Sexcel technology over the past 10 years. This pioneering breakthrough is the most advanced since sorted semen was introduced. Our novel technology is not subject to high pressures, electric currents or shear forces like technology currently used in the industry.

Getting the best from sexed genetics

Learn how improved handling procedures and protocols can help you get the best out of sexed genetics. Download these free guides now.

The Sexcel Success

To find out how Sexcel can help you profit from genetic progress, fill in your details today.

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