How the technology works...

Sexcel™ is ABS’ sexed genetics produced using our own 21st century technology, which is gentle on the cells and enables us to deliver a product that helps contribute to improved performance in your herd.  This new technology was developed by ABS’ in-house scientists and research team and is the most advanced since sorted semen was introduced years ago.

Real World Data®

We have tested and validated Sexcel extensively to be confident of its performance. We were able to do this through ABS Real World Data® (RWD™), which represents real results from real customers. The RWD™ database contains more than 30 million cow records sourced from more than 2,000 herds located in key dairy markets throughout the world. ABS Real World Data evaluations are updated monthly, meaning the genetic selection tools used by ABS customers always remain up-to-date, resulting in more timely and accurate genetic selections.


How does it perform...?

Our trials show that compared to conventional semen conception rates, Sexcel achieves a higher relative
conception rate than other sexed genetic products available on the market.


The Sexcel Success

To find out how Sexcel can help you profit from genetic progress, fill in your details today.

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