Sexcel™ works for our customers

The real test is in what our customers are saying about Sexcel™.  ABS customers have successfully used trial Sexcel units across the world, resulting in heifer calves now on the ground.  This is what our customers have to say.....


Michele Bandioli

Soc. Agri. Bandioli S.S., Piubega, MN, Italy

"We have seen an increased conception rate of 7% on the Sexcel genetics against the old technology.  We have used Sexcel semen with satisfactory results and will use this product again in the future.  We are increasing herd size and to have to our disposal the best ABS Genetics in Sexcel gives me plain confidence in the future animals who will enter into my herd."


Isaac Hammock

Hammock Dairy Inc., Chatham VA

“From using it, my goodness did we get a reward. Just phenomenally better with conception rates in the 60’s with this sexed product. At the very least, a 10% increase on the Sexcel vs. the ST product. Bottom line, it gets heifers pregnant. No matter what you’re dealing with. No matter what time of year you're breeding.”


Rob Corner


"The conception rates we have seen using Sexcel are brilliant. The biggest advantage to me has definitely been the amount of pregnancies we have had."


Tom Dodgson


"Maintaining the high standard of results and conception rates which we are already getting is the real benefit of using the Sexcel genetics to me."


Jonathan Caygill


"I am very impressed with my experience with Sexcel.  We have seen an increased conception rate of 5-10%, whilst the heifers were at grass."

*Results may vary based on bulls selected and management processes.

The Sexcel Success

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